My Money Grows on Trees by Zari Banks

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My Money Grows on Trees: Sowing into Revelations and Wealth by Zari Banks M.EdTweet Splash Start Date: 12/17/2014
Tweet Splash End Date: 12/20/2014
Total Days: 3

Total clicks on tweet link: 1,142
Daily Average: 380.67

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Please note that the author of this book was extremely involved in helping BookTweeter promote her book. She retweeted our tweets extensively throughout her campaign, and that’s how she ended up with so many more clicks per day than other 3-Day Tweet Splashes. This should serve as an example to other authors about how much more traffic your book can garner if you help us help you spread the word about your book. Many thanks to the author for her active and extensive participation on her own behalf.

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