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Brown Girl Dreaming by Jacqueline WoodsonTweet Splash Start Date: 03/02/2015
Tweet Splash End Date: 03/18/2015
Total Days: 16

Total clicks on tweet link: 19,141
Daily Average: 1,196.31

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Please note that this was a custom Tweet Splash negotiated between BookTweeter and the author’s promotion agency. The campaign included three repeating tweets, two of which contained customized images, that were sent out over the duration of the Tweet Splash. Basic Tweet Splashes have one repeating tweet that is sent out over the duration of a Tweet Splash. The high numbers for this Tweet Splash are directly related to the extra tweets with customized images that were posted and the fact that this Tweet Splash was for a prize. Click-through results are not typical for other basic 15-day Tweet Splashes.

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