Shoulda Let You Go by Fatima Munroe on

Summary: She is torn between two men who have both been brought up on the mean and rough streets of Detroit. On the one side, there’s Dominic, a self-made man who has no patience for disloyalty and believes that she will make him feel complete. On the other side is Marko, who never knew his mother and has a drug addict for a father and who never aspired to a “happily ever after” until he met her. Both men want her by their side, but she can only choose one, and she must choose wisely.

According to the author, this book contains domestic violence, descriptive writing about sexual acts between consenting adults, profanity and racial epithets.

The author has indicated that this book is appropriate for adults of legal age, 18 and up, only.

Top-level Genre: Fiction

Sub-genre(s): African-American, Cultural Issues, Relationship, Romance, Women-centric

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