Starting Monday, 15 August 2016, we will choose one of our social media accounts at random each week and give away one (1) 10-Day Tweet Splash Premium.

We will not mention the giveaway anywhere else aside from that particular social media account, so you’ll want to connect with us on each of our accounts to be notified instantly when we’re having the giveaway.

Since we are choosing one social media account at random each week, it is possible that the giveaway will happen on the same account for more than one week.

Please note the each week’s giveaway will be on different days and at different times. The process will be totally random, and you must actually be connected with us on the chosen social account in order to be awarded the prize. We may even have more than one giveaway per week if it tickles our fancy. 🙂

When we post the giveaway, we will also post any restrictions or requirements.

No purchase whatsoever is necessary to enter any giveaway we have.

Click each image below to be taken to each of our social accounts to connect with us there.



If you have questions about our newest giveaway strategy, please use our contact form.