Love Without a Limit: Dimes, Profiles and Wives Book 2 by Toya Raylonn Vickers

Summary: In the second book of this series about reconciliation, redemption, and restoration, Destiny, Sharon, and Tracey are still striving to become good Proverbs 31 wives. They want to have love without any limitation, but they don’t realize that only God can give them the kind of love they seek. Find out if the dime piece stops her promiscuous ways, if the profiler ends her masquerade and if the girl next door finds peace during her storm.

According to the author, this book contains descriptive writing about sexual acts between consenting adults.

The author has indicated that this book is appropriate for adults of legal age, 18 and up, only.

Top-level Genre: Fiction

Sub-genre(s): African-American, Christian Fiction, Romance

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