Killing Time: A Novella of the Realms by C.M. Carney

Summary: All Lex wanted to do was help his good buddy, Gryph, find his sister and maybe save the world along the way, but everything goes wrong from the start when Lex and Gryph get separated. Lost, alone and forced to live the same day over and over, Lex must defeat the agent of a despotic god, uncover hidden truths about himself and find his way back to his friend. If he fails, The Realms face destruction.

According to the author, this book contains profanity.

The author has indicated that this book contains questionable content for children under 13.

Top-level Genre: Fiction

Sub-genre(s): Dungeons and Dragons, Fantasy, Humor, LitRPG, Myths and Legends, Norse and Viking

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