Authors ask us all the time how they can get their eBooks tweeted about on our genre accounts.

We do not accept submissions for free eBook listings.
We do our own searches and find eBooks to list for free on our genre accounts.

Here’s the criteria we use for free eBook listings:

♣ the book must be available on one or more of the following sites:
Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, Kobo and/or Smashwords.

♣ the book must have a 4.6 out of 5 stars or better rating

♣ the book must have at least fifty (50) reviews

even if you meet the above criteria, we will not include your book in our free listings if you have a lot of reviews that state your book is of poor quality (e.g., lots of spelling, grammar and/or punctuation errors; full of bad/misleading information; disparaging to any group of people based on race/religion/sexual orientation, etc; or anything else we determine is simply unsavory to the average reader and not something we want to associate our brand with)

If we have not discovered your book yet, and it meets all our minimum requirements, you can always use our paid service to get our attention. We’ve already done this for other eBooks.

You can always take advantage of our paid service no matter what your rating is or how many reviews you have.
You will gain more exposure for your book and possibly garner more ratings/reviews.

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