How often will you tweet about my book?

Answer: The way we tweet has been revised based on Twitter’s much stricter rules on repeatedly tweeting about the same content.

There will be standalone tweets about your book listing(s) on our genre- and/or category-specific accounts and (possibly) collective tweets about your book listing across all our Twitter accounts.

In the standalone tweets, the only book(s) that will be mentioned is/are yours. These tweets will post every three (3) hours.

Standalone tweets will be posted to our main Twitter accounts (3) and up to seven (7) of our other Twitter accounts of your choice. We reserve the right to modify your choices if your book(s) clearly does/do not fit in some of your genre/category choices.

In collective tweets, your book will be mentioned along with other books in an effort to try to get more tweets to post about your book listing(s). The goal with collective tweets is to mention you book(s) more during your promotion campaign. You will not have the option to instruct us as to which books you do and/or do not want your book to appear alongside in collective tweets. You can, however, opt out of being included in collective tweets.

Your book(s) will be listed on our site in a standalone post, but it may (at our discretion) also be listed in several collective posts with a link to your standalone book listing(s). You will not have the option to instruct us as to which books you do and/or do not want your book to appear alongside in collective posts. You can, however, opt out of being included in collective posts.

Collective tweets will be posted to our main Twitter accounts and all our genre/category Twitter accounts.

The best way to know for sure how many tweets we have posted on your behalf each day is to purchase a Tweet Stash. This is a page on our site that shows all the tweets and retweets that your book is mentioned in throughout your entire promotion campaign. See more here.

What exactly am I paying for; a spot on your site or social updates?

Answer: You are paying for a book listing on

All promotion, whether that be via email, other websites and/or on any social platform is complimentary and designed to drive traffic from those avenues to the book listings on our website.

Even though your book may be listed on your own website, on several buy sites and some review sites, there is still much value in having your book listed on yet another site.

The more listings about your book across the web, the more popular your book appears to the search engine indexers.

Every legitimate and unique instance of an author’s book on more and more websites pings search engine indexers and each of those legitimate and unique listings helps push an author’s work higher and higher in the rankings. This is one of the reasons book blog tours are so popular.

A 60-day listing in the BookTweeter bookstore would be considered a legitimate and unique link for search engine indexers to crawl and rank. There really is power in numbers.

Is it possible to make one payment for multiple book listings?

Answer: You will need to fill out our Phase #2 form for each book you have been approved to have listed on our website.

When you get to the end of the form for each listing, simply hit Submit but do not make a payment.

Regardless of whether you pay or not, we will receive your book information. This is how our system is set up.

When you have completed all your submissions, contact us to let us know you are done, and we will send you instructions of how to make one payment for all your submissions.

When does BookTweeter exclude my book from specific Twitter accounts?

Answer: When you submit the book information form, you will have the option to request to have the tweet about your book excluded from any of our specific Twitter accounts, but as a rule BookTweeter does not advertise Erotica books on the @Reads4Kids, @ReligiousReads and @YAandTeenReads accounts.

Also, only children’s books are advertised on the @Reads4Kids account.

BookTweeter reserves the privilege to refrain from listing your book on our website and/or advertising your book on any of its Twitter accounts based on the subject matter contained in your book.

Why does it say 'advertisement' on the images BookTweeter posts about my book?

Answer: Since you are paying BookTweeter to promote your book, we must make it clear to those who see the information we post that we have been compensated for such promotion. This is to keep those who see the posts from thinking that BookTweeter is endorsing or recommending your book. That is not our role. We are a book promotion service and not a book recommendation service. Any posts we create about your book are essentially advertisements for/of your book, which is why you will see the word ‘advertisement’ on any images we post about your book.

Please note that we have an internal “truth in advertising” policy.

If you provide us with a book cover image that contains any verbiage or graphics that assert your book has won awards, garnered any type of acclaim and/or has received accolades and high praise, such as “best seller” or “highly-rated,” then we will search for proof of this and/or ask you to provide the proof to us to verify your claims. If no such proof can be found, then we will ask you to provide us with a book cover image that does not contain such information. If you are unable to provide us with a book cover image that does not contain such information, then we will not promote your book through our service.

What time of day do book listings go live?


Answer: We make book listings live at any time throughout the day or night. Because book listings will mostly likely go live after midnight EST, we count the next day as the first full day of your campaign.

For example, if you pay for a 15-day book listing, and your book listing goes live at 3p EST on January 1st, then the first official day of your 15-day book listing will be midnight EST on January 2nd.

When will I see my stats?


Answer: As of 24 November 2017, click stats are available as an add-on service.

If you decide to purchase this add-on service, then your click stats will be emailed and/or posted to our website within 14 days after your book listing expires.

What is your refund policy?

Answer: BookTweeter business hours are Monday through Saturday from 7a to 10pm EST. Sundays, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Day (if they do not fall on a Sunday) are not considered business days for BookTweeter.


If you request a refund within three (3) business days of making your payment or before your promotion goes live, whichever comes first, you will receive a 100% refund.

If you request a refund after three (3) business days of making your payment or after your promotion goes live, whichever comes first, you will not receive a refund, no exceptions whatsoever.

If you do request a refund within three (3) business days of making your payment or before your promotion goes live, whichever comes first, you will not be pestered about why you have made such a request. BookTweeter will submit the refund for the appropriate amount within 24 hours of your request.

We do not grant partial refunds under any circumstances.

Again, once three (3) business days have gone by or your promotion is live, whichever comes first, we will not grant a refund under any circumstances for any reason whatsoever. We will make every attempt to rectify your concerns, but we will make no exceptions to this refund policy.


The general refund policy does not apply to book listing extensions. In order to receive a full refund of your payment when the payment is made to extend your book listing, you must request a refund prior to the end date of my current book listing. The date of your current book listing would have been provided in the email you received about this discount and the email you received when your book listing went live. If you do not request a refund before your book listing is extended, then you will not be entitled to a refund of any amount.


Book listing renewals would fall under the regular refund policy.

Why our refund policy is to rigid…

Our refund policy is so rigid because we offer a service and not a physical product. Once we start promoting your book, then we cannot take that back, even if we delete all posts and/or tweets and/or ads on our site. Once the information is seen, then it is seen and can be retweeted, favorited, screenshot and aggregated by other sites connected to the web.

Can I make my own tweets?

Answer: No. We do not offer the option to customize tweet text.

Tweets are created by BookTweeter based on a standard format that we have deemed most effective to get others to give your book a look and/or to encourage others to retweet our tweets about your book.

What someone who has not read or interacted with your book is more likely to retweet:

Discover “Finding Myself” by John Doe via BookTweeter #bktwtr

What someone who has not read or interacted with your book is less likely to retweet:

John Doe’s book, “Finding Myself,” is a must-read. Very amazing story from an amazing author: #bktwtr

In the first instance, tweeters are not endorsing your book or recommending your book. They’re just letting those who follow them know that your book exists. BookTweeter considers the first instance an informational/neutral tweet; one that does not put other tweeters in the position of fabricating hype about your book.

We don’t believe in false hype. False hype creates false hope, and readers will usually judge/rate/review your book more harshly when they’re expecting something that they don’t get when they actually read your book. False hype can also translate into higher returns and more customer complaints. We do not want to see any author put in that position, so we keep our tweets informational/neutral.

Our job is to get people to click the link in the tweet to get them to learn more about your book. Once they get on your book page on the buy site then they will see everything you want them to know about your book.

We have an add-on service you can purchase if you would like us to base your tweet on your special event, but the standard rate does not cover this customization. If you purchase the add-on service to have your tweet based on your special event, we will create the tweet text. We do not accept suggestions.

Example of tweet based on a free event:

“Finding Myself” by John Doe will be FREE until ?? December 201? #bktwtr

Example of tweet based on a discounted pricing event:

“Finding Myself” by John Doe will be $0.99 until ?? December 201? #bktwtr

Why is there no discount if I purchase a longer book listing?

Answer: As it stands right now, all options are 50¢ a day.

The ability for you to purchase a longer book listing exists so you don’t have to keep filling out the submission form over and over again for the same book.

We’re not going to be doing less promotion on your behalf because you’ve chosen an option with fewer days, so we maintain the same daily rate for book promotion whether you purchase our shortest package or our longest package.

How will I know my book listing has ended?

Answer: When your book listing ends, we will email you to let you know.

If you have purchased the add-on service to receive information about your click-through stats, then we will include that information in the same email.

Why can't you guarantee more book sales if my book listing is being promoted across several Twitter accounts?

Answer: Even though we will be spreading the word about your book so more readers know it exists, BookTweeter cannot, in good faith, guarantee that people will be interested in or buy your book. There are several reasons for this.

We are confident that more people will learn about your book through our multiple and repeated tweets, but we do not guarantee that you will receive more sales, because the only thing we can control is growing our social media following and sharing updates about your book.

Any statistical information we provide to you does not represent book sales. The numbers represent how many times the links we tweet on your behalf have been clicked. That’s it. We have no idea if those who click to learn more about your book are actually buying your book, so please do not confuse click-stats with book sales.

What if I have a specific event surrounding my book that I want to promote?

Answer: Book listings are designed to promote your book in a general fashion over an extended period of time.

They are not designed to promote your book for a specific, time-sensitive event. If your book is going to be free, then try our sister service at eBook Blitz.

Why can't I have my book listing link to my personal website?

Answer: Linking to personal websites is simply not an option we offer. You will want to use a different book promotion service if you want to link to your personal website.

Can I break up the days of my book listing?

Answer: Book listings run over consecutive days. This means you can not request to have your book listing start and stop and then start again.

Once your book listing goes live, it will run until all consecutive days have been completed.

You may request to end your book listing early, but you will forfeit any remaining days for the option you have purchased. You will not receive any type of refund if you request to have your book listing ended early. There will be no exceptions made to this policy.

May I use your service if I do not have a PayPal account?

Answer: You do not need to have a PayPal account to use our service, but you will need to pay via the PayPal payment system in order to use our service.

PayPal does not require you to have a PayPal account in order for you to use your debit/credit card to pay via PayPal.

You would simply choose the option to enter your debit/credit card information without signing into any type of PayPal account.


If you do not have a PayPal account, you can pay by debit or credit card instead.

Why wasn't my complaint/constructive criticism posted with the other testimonials?

Answer: Our testimonials section serves two purposes: (1) to share with others the positive things our clients have to say about our service and (2) to offer more exposure for those who choose to submit positive things about our service.

We welcome any and all feedback, which is why we offer you the opportunity for clients to send us complaints and/or constructive criticism, but we do not consider those to be testimonials. defines as testimonial as follows…


testimonial: a written declaration certifying to a person's character, conduct, or qualifications, or to the value, excellence, etc., of a thing; a letter or written statement of recommendation. something given or done as an expression of esteem, admiration, or gratitude.

You have every right to disagree with us, but we do not consider it hiding what you have to share when we do not post your complaints and/or constructive criticism. We simply choose not to continue to promote your book if you are not happy with our service.

We may, however, reach out to you via email if you have concerns that BookTweeter is able to address and/or rectify. If you submit profane, vulgar, malicious or vicious comments, you will not receive a reply from BookTweeter.


Does BookTweeter promote blogs about books?

Answer: No, we do not promote blogs about books/book reviews or books written one post at a time in blog format. Nor do we promote blogs that offer author services.

To avail yourself of the BookTweeter services, you must have a book in electronic, audio and/or print format, and your book must have a book cover with a traditional appearance, not just a stock photo you uploaded to represent your book cover.

How do I pay for a book listing?

Answer: BookTweeter only accepts payment through the PayPal payment system. This does not mean that you have to have a PayPal account. Once you are directed to PayPal to pay, you will have to choice to log into a PayPal account, if you have one, or you can simply use PayPal as a gateway to pay with the debit/credit card of your choice.

If you have made the decision, because of some previous transaction with/through PayPal, that you will never use them again, then you will not be able to do business with BookTweeter.

After I pay for a book listing, will you keep billing me over and over?

Answer: No. There is a one-time fee each time you pay for a book listing.

You will not be billed over and over again after you pay for your book listing.

The only way that you will be billed for another book listing is if you purchase another book listing.

We may in the future offer a subscription service, but we do not have any recurring charges at the present time.

How do I figure out the best rating for my book?

Answer: We based our book ratings on the Motion Picture Association of America rating system and simply left off the letter rating. We decided on this system, because books have the power to allow us to create images in our mind’s eye, and some of the best-written books can be just as visual as movies.

Some readers appreciate knowing beforehand what to expect from a book, based on how it is rated, to determine whether the book contains content they do not mind having in their mind’s eye.

Here are the statements that appear on our book information forms along with the letter rating, which do not appear on the book information forms:

  • The author has indicated that this book would be considered rated G and is appropriate for all ages. The G rating is for general audiences.
  • The author has indicated that this book would be considered rated PG and is not necessarily suitable for children. The PG rating is for parental guidance suggested.
  • The author has indicated that this book would be considered rated PG-13 and contains questionable content for children under 13. The PG-13 rating strongly cautions parents about allowing their children 12 years old or younger to view the contents.
  • The author has indicated that this book would be considered rated R and is appropriate for adults of legal age, 18 and up, only. The R rating is meant to be a restriction to keep parents from allowing their children to view the content unless/until the parent has viewed the content first and deemed it appropriate for their specific child(ren).
  • The author has indicated that this book would be considered rated NC-17 and is not suitable for those 17 and under. The NC-17 is the strongest rating against any children being permitted to view the content.

A book that would be considered rated R would not necessarily be a book whose subject matter would go over the heads of small children. For example, you may not want to rate your book “appropriate for adults of legal age, 18 and up, only” because the subject matter deals with death, dying and funeral expenses. Although you would not expect the book to be read and understood by small children or even “tweens,” a better choice might be “questionable content for children under 13,” especially if the book simply explains the process that must be followed to deal with wills, estate taxes, buying a casket, etc.

As another example, you may not want to give a book a G rating and assert that it is for “all ages” just because it doesn’t contain profanity, scenes of descriptive sex, racial epithets and so on. Just because a seven-year-old can read every word in a book about using modern-day appliances to make housework quick and efficient, does not mean the book is necessarily suitable for all ages. A better choice may be “not necessarily suitable for children,” especially when the ratings system implies that the G and PG designations are geared toward children 12 and under.

You may choose whatever rating you like, but we strongly encourage you to be cautious in choosing your rating so that your readers do not feel misled.

BookTweeter reserves the privilege to change the rating you specify if we read your book description and/or an excerpt of your book and decide the rating you have indicated is not appropriate.

Will my Twitter handle be included in every tweet?

Answer: As of 01 December 2017, we have stopped including Twitter handles in any tweets. Twitter is prone to view @mentions as spamming users, and they will block tweets from posting. To avoid any misunderstandings with Twitter, we have decided to discontinue the inclusion of Twitter handles in tweets.

We ask for your Twitter handle on our forms so that we have another way to reach you if we are unable to contact you via the email address(es) you provide.

What should I do if I'm not sure my book cover image is acceptable?

Answer: We have split our process into two phases.

Phase #1 is free and allows you to submit your book cover and book description to us for consideration.

Phase #2 is by invite only. If we determine that your book is a good fit for our service, then you will receive a second email inviting you to continue the process.

If you’re not sure your book cover is acceptable, then it will cost you nothing to begin the process with Phase #1 and allow us to decide whether to invite you to Phase #2.

We can tell you in advance the following:

  • BookTweeter does not promote books with titles that contain profane words, racial epithets or any other language that may be considered unsavory by some visitors to
  • BookTweeter does not promote books with covers that contain sexually-explicit images, profane words, racial epithets or any other language/imagery that may be considered unsavory by some visitors to
  • BookTweeter will not use any book cover image that contains links (URLs). By submitting our Phase #2 form and paying for the BookTweeter service, your are giving BookTweeter permission to remove any and all links (URLs) that appear on your book cover.