Answer: As of Wednesday, 17 October 2018, the way we tweet has been revised based on Twitter’s much stricter rules on repeatedly tweeting about the same content.

There will be standalone tweets and collective tweets about your book listing across all our Twitter accounts.

In the standalone tweets, the only book that will be mentioned is yours. These tweets will post every 90 minutes to 2 hours. The time between tweets is something dictated by Twitter, not by BookTweeter. Because of all the fraud being perpetrated on social networks, Twitter (and all social networks) are attempting to crack down on spammers and scammers. The side effect of this is that honest posters are being caught up in the stricter rules.

Standalone tweets will be posted to our main Twitter accounts and only the relevant genre/category Twitter accounts about your book.

In collective tweets, your book will be mentioned along with other books in an effort to try to get more tweets to post about your book listing. The goal with collective tweets is to overcome Twitter’s penchant for seeing content as duplicate and rejecting those tweets.

You book will be listed on our site in a standalone post, but it will also be listed in several collective posts with a link to your standalone post, and we will be creating tweets around the collective posts in order to be able to mention your book more often via our Twitter accounts.

Collective tweets will be posted to our main Twitter accounts and all our genre/category Twitter accounts.

The best way to know for sure¬†how many tweets we’ve posted on your behalf each day is to purchase a Tweet Stash, which is an itemized list of all the tweets and retweets that your book is mentioned in throughout your entire book listing. See more here.