Cardinal Rule by Joey Pinkney

Cardinal Rule: A Short Story by Joey Pinkney

Summary: ‪While enjoying a quick rendezvous, Earline and Teddy are consumed by three things: expressing what makes their hearts beat, sitting in red hot heat and eating ice cold treats. It quickly becomes an intersection between affection and reflection.‬ According to the author, this book contains descriptive writing about sexual acts between consenting adults. The…

The Anstruther Lass by Vivien Carmichael

The Anstruther Lass by Vivien Carmichael

Summary: Lana is working in the Dundee jute mills when she falls in love with Stefan, a Dutch sailor. The mill manager, Campbell, wants Lana for himself and plots to get Stefan out of the way. Meanwhile, there is a killer targeting sailors, and a pregnant Lana is distraught when Stefan disappears. She leaves the…

Swiggers: A Short Story by Joey Pinkney

The author has indicated that this book contains questionable content for children under 13. Top-level Genre: Fiction Sub-genre(s): African-American, Cultural Issues, Entertainment, Humor, Multicultural, Social Issues click here to read the book description on Tweet let us tweet about your book