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newGiveaways/Specials Site

A couple of weeks ago, we created a new site in the BookTweeter network:

The site’s sole purpose is to send out email notifications to those who subscribe to our email list about giveaways and specials offered by BookTweeter.

It is free to subscribe, and your email address will only be used to notify you of giveaways and specials. Again, your email address will absolutely not be used for any other reason or passed on to anyone else for any reason whatsoever.

Click the following link to subscribe to our email list:

newWeekly Giveaways

Starting 14 June 2015, which is the one-year anniversary of BookTweeter, we will give away one (1) 10-day Tweet Splash each week to the person who fills out our form first after we make live the free giveaway post. The giveaway will be a different day and different time each week; sort of like a pop prize! 🙂

You will need to be subscribed to our email list to receive notifications of the weekly giveaways. Again, your email address will absolutely not be used for any other reason or passed on to anyone else for any reason whatsoever.

Click the following link to subscribe to our email list:

newLoyalty Program

We have some authors/publishers who come to us over and over for book promotion, and we think this should be rewarded.

Retroactive to 14 June 2014, every purchase by our clients will be eligible for our Loyalty Program.

Black Fingernails by Darryl CarlisleWe would like to acknowledge and thank Darryl Carlisle, author of Black Fingernails, for being our first client to receive a Loyalty Program reward. Based on the average of his past purchases, Darryl has been awarded a free, 5-Day Tweet Splash to use for the book of his choice.

Here’s how you can also get rewarded through our Loyalty Program.

After ten (10) purchases, whether they be Tweet Splashes at regular prices or sale prices, we will add up all the money you have spent with BookTweeter and divide that amount by 10 to get the average amount you have spent per purchase. The average amount will be compared to our current Tweet Splash prices, and you will receive a free Tweet Splash that matches closest to the average dollar amount.

For example, John Doe has purchased ten (10) Tweet Splashes over the past several months. He purchased one Tweet Splash at $90. He purchased another Tweet Splash at the sale price of $22.50. He also purchased five (5) Tweet Splashes at $20 each and three (3) Tweet Splashes at $30 each. The total amount John Doe has spent on his ten (10) Tweet Splashes is $302.50. Divided by ten (10), John Doe’s average purchase amount is $30.25. As of today, 05 June 2015, we have a 10-Day Tweet Splash that is $30, so John Doe would receive a free, 10-Day Tweet Splash to use for the book of his choice.

We will have a detailed page about the program on our site soon. If you have questions, or if you think you already qualify for a reward, please use our contact form to let us know.

Coming Soon to BookTweeter

coming-soon-stickerPricing Changes

Effective 14 June 2015, which will be the 1st anniversary of the BookTweeter service, we will be increasing our prices.

The per day price will increase from $3 per day to $9 per day, and we will be adding a 1-day Tweet Splash option.

Even with the increase, our prices are still far below our competitors’ pricing. One service charges $19 a day and another charges $45 a day. All you get for that is tweets.

BookTweeter offers you a permanent listing on its website, which means you will continue to gain exposure for your book even after your Tweet Splash has ended, and end-of-campaign statistics are also included in our per-day pricing. This is something that our competitors do not offer.


New add-on service: customized tweets

Along with the add-on services we already offer, we will be including an option for customized tweets.

For an additional fee, you will be able to choose to have your tweet be a short description of what your book is about or to make readers aware that your book is free or on sale.

Example of our standard tweet format:

Discover “Finding Myself” by John Doe via BookTweeter #bktwtr

Example of tweet text based on book description:

John Doe struggles to remember his past as he navigates the present in “Finding Myself” #bktwtr

Example of tweet text based on sale information:

“Finding Myself” by John Doe is free to download right now on Amazon #bktwtr


“Finding Myself” by John Doe has been reduced to 99¢ now on Amazon #bktwtr

This add-on option will become available with the price increase on 14 June 2015.


Subscription Service

We are still working out the terms of offering a subscription service, which will be beneficial to those who have two or more books to promote.

There will be more information about the subscription service in the near future.

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Site Redesign will be getting a facelift. We are working hard on our new look right now, so do not be surprised when you visit the site and it has a totally different look and layout. 🙂