+1: Provide a book cover image that meets at least our minimum specifications. Your book cover image should be front-facing and at least 650px in width. It should also be crisp and clear. Do not include distorted and/or blurry images. Your book cover should not contain URLS or be surrounded by promotional information.

+1: Give your book cover image an SEO-friendly file name. For example, if your book title and author name are “Finding Myself” by Jackson Dogue, then an SEO-friendly file name would be Finding-Myself-Jackson-Dogue.jpg or finding-myself-jackson-dogue.png (use dashes, not underscores). SEO stands for search engine optimization, and SEO-friendly titles may help your book appear higher in search engine results. We get many book covers with file names like kindle_cover.jpg; recent.png; final.jpg; Xgot6x.png, etc.

+1: Only include the title and/or subtitle that is on your book cover, and do not type it in ALL CAPS unless your title is an acronym. Do not include taglines and/or blurbs as subtitles. If you actually have a subtitle, do not include it in the title field. Enter your subtitle in the subtitle field.

+1: Provide an acceptable book description based on the guidelines we have outlined. See examples of acceptable and unacceptable book descriptions. A new browser window will open.

+1: Be truthful about the sub-genres/sub-categories, rating and contents that apply to the subject matter of your book. We ask you to provide this information so that readers know what to expect when they read your book, not to find reasons to exclude your book from our promotion services.

Currently, you can qualify for up to five (5) extra days free on whichever book listing option you purchase. If we can find other ways you can earn extra days, we’ll add them to the list.

If you are invited to complete Phase #2 of our process, we will let you know how many extra days you qualify for after you have submitted your book information and made your payment.