We have discontinued the use of this page, but you can still view some valuable information here as it concerns your Tweet Splash.

You will receive an email from us about the start date of your Tweet Splash. If you have not received that email, and it has been at least twenty-four (24) hours since you submitted your book information and paid for your Tweet Splash, then use our contact form to let us know that you need an update.

Tweet Splashes begin between 2p EST and 6p EST. Learn more here.

If you are purchasing a Tweet Splash today, you cannot specifically choose today’s or tomorrow’s date. Please choose a date 48 hours from today if you would like your Tweet Splash to start on a specific date.

** Please note: If you were awarded a free Tweet Splash in one of our giveaways, then it is possible that your Tweet Splash will be bumped to a different day when we receive orders from paying customers.