A Tweet Stash is an itemized list of all the tweets and retweets about your book during your Tweet Splash.

The information included for each item is as follows:

  • date and time of tweet

  • Twitter handle of who posted the tweet, even if it’s a retweeted updated (you cannot see this by just using the Twitter search link we provide as a part of the base price for Tweet Splashes)

  • how many times the tweet has been retweeted

  • the text of the tweet

  • the link to the tweet

What you can learn from your Tweet Stash:

  • how many times per day BookTweeter tweets about your book

  • who retweets the BookTweeter tweets (valuable information to know who to possibly connect with about your work)

  • what time of day and/or what days show the most retweets

  • discover which tweeters have the inside track on (or who have the attention of) people who are your target market

  • discover which tweeters do book reviews, write blog posts, facilitate guest posts about your book genre(s)

The Tweet Stash is an optional, add-on service, and it is not mandatory for you to purchase a Tweet Stash in order to use our Twitter promotion services. You can choose this add-on when you submit the form for your Tweet Splash, and your Tweet Stash will be made available to you as a PDF at the end of your Tweet Splash when we email you about your stats. It can take up to forty-eight (48) hours after your Tweet Splash ends before you receive this information, but you will receive it.

Below is an example of a Tweet Stash, which is very similar to what your Tweet Stash will look like:

click the image to see a larger view of the Tweet Stash

click the image to see a larger view of the Tweet Stash