Answer: When you submit the book information form, you will have the option to request to have the tweet about your book excluded from any of our specific Twitter accounts, but as a rule BookTweeter does not advertise Erotica books on the @Reads4Kids, @SpiritualReads and @YAandTeenReads accounts.

Also, books rated “not necessarily suitable for children,” “questionable content for children under 13,” “not suitable for those 17 and under,” or “adults of legal age, 18 and up, only,” are not advertised on the @Reads4Kids account.

BookTweeter reserves the privilege to refrain from advertising your book on any of its Twitter accounts based on the subject matter contained in your book. For example, if you have not specifically categorized your book as explicitly sexual or overly violent we will not tweet about your book on the @Reads4Kids, @SpiritualReads and @YAandTeenReads accounts if we read your book description and determine the book is not a good fit for those particular Twitter accounts.

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