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Gathering Moss by Kamryn Adams

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  • access to a Twitter search link that you can bookmark in your browser to see all the tweets we share about your book (we also offer an itemized spreadsheet of all the tweets and retweets about your book for an additional fee; see more here)

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  • A tweet will post every 90 minutes. If you would like tweets to post in 30-minute or 60-minute intervals, then choose the optional Tweet Frequency add-on service below.
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BookTweeter has over 30 genre accounts, and we tweet to over 465,000+ Twitter users.

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You should think of your Tweet Splash as an advertising campaign.

Think of your Tweet Splash as an advertising campaign similar to a television commercial or radio advertisement.

Networks/radio stations broadcast ads to everyone who is listening, regardless of whether all those people are interested in that type of pet food, this brand of paper towels, a specific restaurant, and so on. If someone does not know about this or that thing, they learn about it through an ad, and then they decide whether they want to disregard the information in the ad or learn more.

You should think of your Tweet Splash as an advertising campaign about your book, and you should want to reach as many people as possible. When choosing which of our Twitter genre accounts you do NOT want to have your book tweeted on, you should not exclude accounts simply because your book is not written in that/those genre(s).

There may be readers who follow this or that genre account who may show an interest in the subject matter of your book after they see our tweet (your ad), regardless of whether they are viewing our tweet (your ad) on the Twitter genre account of books they prefer or on the Twitter genre account where your book fits.

Please be aware that the more Twitter genre accounts that you request to have our tweet (your ad) excluded from the fewer tweeters in our network we will be able to expose your book to. However, we will honor your request to have our tweet (your ad) excluded from whichever Twitter genre account(s) you indicate below, and we will not question your request.

BookTweeter does not advertise Erotica books on the @Reads4Kids, @SpiritualReads and @YAandTeenReads accounts.

Also, books rated “not necessarily suitable for children,” “questionable content for children under 13,” “not suitable for those 17 and under,” or “adults of legal age, 18 and up, only,” are not advertised on the @Reads4Kids account.

BookTweeter reserves the privilege to refrain from advertising your book on any of its Twitter accounts based on the subject matter contained in your book.

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